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The 5 Best Whisker Biscuits

When you start setting up your bow, you’re going to need a solid arrow rest to keep your arrow secure and allow it to be fired without affecting its flight performance negatively.  There are lots of different arrows rests out there.  I’ve spent time trying...

Getting in the Zone Repeatedly

I’m sure this post has been a long time in coming, but it can be extremely difficult to put mental aspects into words that make sense.  I’m going to do my best to talk about the focus and control that you need for shooting at your best and how to get there...

Some of the Best Archery Movies

I normally try to stay just on the topic of helping you out with archery, but now and then I like to go and find something completely different that will still be fun and entertaining.  Well, that’s the hope anyways.  So today, I’m really just pointing out...

7 Bow Hunting Tips for Beginners

Going out hunting can be a fun experience and having a good first experience can really help you love the experience even more.  I’d like to share some bow hunting tips for beginners that should help you have a better first experience.  I’m sure you...

Diamond Infinite Edge Review

The Diamond Infinite Edge is a compound bow that’s set up to cover a wide range of shooters from very young to adults.  Now let’s be clear up front.  I’m talking about the compound bow package, not just the bow by itself.  I’ll do my best to be...

5 Great Wooden Longbows

There’s a certain elegance and joy shooting a one piece wooden longbow that gives you great satisfaction and just feels good.  I have shot a PSE Sequoia for years and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It might not be a custom bow, but when you’re interested...


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